About Evergreen Medical


Since 1974, Evergreen Medical, LLC has succeeded by providing our customers a trusted source for their medical equipment needs. We believe the only way for our business to succeed is to focus on quality and trust. Provide the best products and services to our clients, exceed expectations and trust will be earned. Thus, our motto was born…

"…we Deliver More Than We Promise"

Evergreen Medical began in 1974 serving physicians and small community hospitals throughout the Midwest. We expanded our markets about a year later to include Ambulatory Surgery Centers when they became part of the healthcare landscape. Over time, we now proudly serve facilities over the entire United States, from big cities to small towns. Not only have we expanded the geography but we now serve, in addition to hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Surgical Technology Programs, Nursing Programs and Sonography Programs nationwide.

This year Evergreen Medical, LLC, celebrates its 45th year of business. For over four decades as an independent family business, Evergreen Medical, LLC. has consistently delivered high-quality, fully refurbished medical equipment with long warranties to many, many facilities throughout the entire US. We proudly declare that we are an “Old School” relationship building company. Our customers become our friends.

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